Breast reduction: from decision to operation

At the point when bosom measure turns into a disable and makes buildings, bosom decrease can be an answer for accommodate with one’s body. In any case, before leaving, it is vital to find out about this fragile task of corrective medical procedure .


Triton 3 Bra┬áThere are two explanations behind bosom decrease: utilitarian reason and stylish reason. ” Functional in light of the fact that overwhelming and forcing bosoms make torment in the back and are impairing in regular day to day existence, for games for instance, ” says Dr. Vladimir Mitzi, corrective specialist in Paris. ” And tasteful, in light of the fact that extensive bosoms twist the outline, will in general fall and the individual is always compelled to wear a bra .”

You should realize that a typical bosom, glass B or C, weighs around 400 grams. ” It is from a glass E, particularly F, that patients think of them as too huge and at times require a decrease, ” subtleties the specialist. Hence, when something like 300 grams are evacuated by bosom, this is viewed as a fix medical procedure and is upheld by the Social Security.


Prior to the task, the specialist will make preoperative illustrations on the patient. Under general anesthesia , she is situated amid the task. ” It makes it less demanding to cut the bosom, ” says the specialist. At that point, the specialist expels the profound piece of the organ, closer to the pectoral muscle. The measure of fat evacuated differs with age. ” A more established, close menopausal lady can just profit by liposuction, which significantly decreases scarring .” All that will be expelled from the chest will be inspected by the specialist and sent to the research facility. This is to confirm that there is no tumor that was covered up. “It is extremely uncommon and concerns just 1 case out of 400 “.

The bosom is opened in three better places, which will leave 3 scars: the one around the alveolar, the vertical one under the bosom and the flat one at the base of the bosom. These last two frame a “T”. ” Today, the vertical scar has been protracted to make more” sensual “bosoms that point more forward, and the even scar has dropped significantly ,” says Dr. Vladimir Mitz.


After the task, the bosom dependably shows up excessively high, on the grounds that the specialist over-redresses the impact of gravity to foresee, contingent upon the nature of tissues, the way that the bosom will fall. ” The bosom will be balanced out in the 4 to a half year following the activity and the scars turn out to be truly following 2 years “. In 5% of cases there is lost affect ability. ” Insensitivity happens frequently in instances of gigantic decrease, in excess of 500 g for each bosom,” says the specialist. In the dominant part of these cases, affect ability returns after some time.


Likewise with any task, a few intricacies can happen:

rot of the areola and areola. ” This is exceptionally uncommon and repairable.This entanglement is for the most part identified with a specialized blame where the specialist incidentally cut veins .”

postoperative disease. ” It is caused by a microorganism from the body of the patient (angina, urinary tract disease …) henceforth the requirement for meeting with the anesthesiologist before the activity, which may prompt the wiping out of the task “.

a postoperative tomato. ” Under the impact of an enthusiastic stun, the pressure of the patient ascents all of a sudden which drains the blood coagulation of the bosom naturally worked like a champagne cork.The blood at that point starts to stream inside the bosom “.

Re operation is just performed in 5% of cases. The reason is frequently a repeat of bosom development because of hormonal development when the activity was done on a youthful patient or when there was weight gain, pregnancy, and so on ” It can likewise be a revision of symmetry that isn’t in every case simple to get the first run through .”


Postoperative follow-up pursues the 6-overlap rule:

First difference in dressing 6 days after the activity. ” Today the strings are for the most part resorbable, so it isn’t important to expel them .”

Security check at the sixth week, to check whether all is well.

Assessment and adjustment control following a half year

This activity has developed a considerable measure since the most recent decades. ” Before the patients draining a considerable measure amid the technique which required transfusions, this is not true anymore on the grounds that the draining has been extraordinarily lessened because of invasions of adrenaline and analgesic items “, subtleties the specialist. Today, in 99% of cases, the areola and areola are unblemished. Current strategies additionally enable bosom to keep its essential capacity which is to breastfeed .

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